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Our Story

FLINCK is an Amsterdam-based sports sock brand. Born out of the love and passion for sports, creativity, self-expression and the will to stand out. Our mission is to make the ordinary extraordinary. By taking something common like a sports sock to the next level and let the people that wear them stand out. Fact: if you put yourself in the spotlight you will perform at your maximum capability.

Flink is the Dutch word for being bold, brave and tough. Words that are easily relatable to sports. Add 'C' of creativity and you get the family name of Govert Flinck, the famous Dutch painter from Amsterdam in the 1600's. This is why the name FLINCK for us represents the ultimate fusion between sports and creativity. And off course, it also sounds really catchy.

Raise yourself to new heights without compromises. Without excuses. Push yourself by not hiding, but by stepping into the spotlight. That is the ultimate motivator during a tough workout. The extra accelerator that makes you perform even better than you thought you were capable of. Every repetition counts.

This is what we're going for with FLINCK. To utilise everybody’s full potential. Surprise yourself. Be seen to push yourself to your max.


Our socks
Developing the first FLINCK sock took about a year and a half, because we raise the bar continuously. Not only during our daily workout, but also during the development of our products. Our goal: to make a sock with the perfect fit, made from beautiful and responsible materials and one that can cope with the harshest workouts imaginable. All this without losing sight of quality and equally important: design.

Sports is no longer an activity you undertake on a Saturday morning in your old swimming trunks, an 'ancient' t-shirt or worn down shoes. Sports has developed into a lifestyle. A social activity that you enjoy and quickly can't do without. It's part of your daily routine and social fabric. Sportswear has developed as well, with nicely designed items, but one part has been sorely overlooked: the sports sock. We at Flinck strive to make this a thing of the past, but always in a responsible matter. For more on sustainability click here.